Selasa, Maret 27, 2018

All Hail Monty Python!!

Let the video essay speak for itself  ;)

Sabtu, Maret 10, 2018


Human interactions are odd to say the least. Many times, I find that the nature of troubles I encountered in the past deliver different truth as I’m getting older. Some might say when you gain new wisdom, a.k.a. you experience more in life, your layer of perspective multiply. It kinda make you want to be more careful on passing judgment, because what you judge as foe today might be your ally in the future… or something like that…

The best thing you can do is gain as much knowledge as can be, so you can evaluate things much comprehensively. But you see, as your encyclopedia of life getting thicker, you’re kinda develop a sense of skepticism even to your own judgment. I dunno, maybe a wise person would have to go trough this kind of phase, in which you spend too many time and energy assessing what’s good and what’s right. A few week a go, I try to indulge myself in a new faith, a faith on stoicism. It’s a practical philosophy indeed, and it’s oh-so-simple way of assessment made me certain I can go through life swimmingly.

Everyone face disappointment in life. It’s just the nature of being alive. Most of this disappointments stem from a conflicted interaction with other human being. Stoicism teach me to not put the weight of responsibility in others, but solely on myself. This premise leads to a practical outlook I need to develop in life, such as learn to speak what I really wanted clearly and unemotionally, so people can understand my expectations on them, etc. It’s simple, and in theory, it will save me from many disappointment.

But still, human interaction is still weird. We make a lot of rules in life that, in my opinion, will only halted our progression on getting better as an evolving creature. I still believe that we are a creature in process, and our faith to tradition and our exhausted way of life will only lead us into more conflict and disappointment. The world are getting unified, and with that we need to have a new rule between us. At a microscopic scale, lots of my disappointment rooted from an exhausted way of life, actually. Being the way I am, I’m a minority, a very tiny portion of the population in my country, really. This makes the practical usage of stoicism is urgent for me. Or perhaps, as usual, I just put and extravagant reasoning as a defense mechanism, hehehe…

Kamis, Februari 15, 2018

history on trial: cleopatra

For a very long time people (: the society of patriarchy) had always been frightful of powerful women...

Minggu, Februari 11, 2018

so I just realize

So I guess when it comes to the philosophy of life, there's nothing compare to the combination between stoicism & existentialism to tackle the hardship of life. I mean between the creativity to choose everything life's given to you, and being responsibly act upon every choices you make, it has got to be a perfect combo.
I'm talking about the philosophy of life of course. For I think there's got to be a distinction between the practical aspects of daily life and our journey of finding the defining truth of everything. In the later case, I still believe in the scientific approach of course. Yeah.. just some practical contemplation I'd like to share here :)

Selasa, Februari 06, 2018

Drawing wisdom from Stoicism

Being a positivist-reductionist doesn't mean I can't draw wisdom from classical philosophy. On contrary I think today's socio-politic life is lacking the old-school understanding of morality and honor. I think it's urgent for us to learn from Marcus Aurelius, especially of his determination to do whats right and virtuous, despite his position of power (: which should allowed him to do anything he'd like).
.... basically he's a the Ned Stark of Hellenistic era (and the smart version one :D)..

Jumat, November 03, 2017

been a while

Been a while,
I haven't given many thought on anything happening in my life. Mostly because I was succumbed to the bustling workflow I've been facing lately. Yet the revenue I save up only manage to fulfilled the basic survival needs... yeah same old same old...
Been thinking about many cases of cognitive biases lately, and I reckon my life will be much easier to navigate if I can comprehend that principality in relation to my own life. Yeah, that's about all there is. I probably should start on doing a mural sketching now...