Minggu, Desember 07, 2014

A li'l review on "Begin Again"

First, I'd like to tell you about the condition on where I'm writing this gaga waga. I supposed to draw, write, and basically finish every bits of extra works I had. But yet, here I am writing another gaga waga a.k.a. wasting off another precious time :p
I'd like to write a little review of the movie "Begin Again". I have to be honest, the initial reason I watch it, was because my sister insisted that Keira Knightley look a lot like me on this movie. Well who would passed up a chance of seeing a movie in which you get to compare yourself to such beauty like Miss Knightley :D.
In the end, I ended up adore the movie. The idea of the movie is pretty simple, but with a good writing and directing, it really come out as a very good film. It's basically a  "post-mortem" kind of love story, and in one way and another will remind you of "500 days of Summer". The musical background (no wonder, its John Carney's move, duh!) is what makes Begin Again so special, specially when it mixes perfectly with the sweet yet realistic love story of the two main character: Greta (Knightley) and Dan (Mark Rufallo).
What I really like about Begin Again is the overlapping plot between Greta's and Dan's story, in which each of them was going to a contradictory points; Dan to a reconciliation (with his family and job) while Greta to a separation (with his longtime boyfriend). Yet, individually both of them was actually overcome their affliction with life, even though in Greta's case she had to let her boyfriend go.
I love how the two main character use music as a tool to resolute their anguish with the reality. Greta whose boyfriend was in the middle of fame-euphoria as a rising star musician, has to face the fact that somehow reality could change a person you supposedly known inside out, no matter how long and strong their relationship was. In another case, Dan (a music producer) whose life was already in a mess, has to came to an understanding that every bits of life he had was actually worth fighting for. Both of Dan and Greta meet at their lowest point of their life. Trying to have a reason to do something, or perhaps simply try to distract themselves from their own problem, they decided to record an album. Being rejected by the recording company who already fired Dan, they records their album on scattered places around New York, recruiting random people they meet a long the way. While in the process of recording the album, these two very different people influences one and the other, and not only they find comfort and happiness between each other, they also find a new perspective on viewing their own problem.
Aside from enjoying the plot, I also enjoyed the superb acting of the stars, not to mention to see again Kailee Steinfeld, whom I really adored since "True Grit". Rotten Tomatoes gave 83%, and I think it's a fair review, since there still a few flaws hither and thither.
So eventually, I'd say Begin Again is a highly recommended movie. A bit chic-flick-y, but with an open mind, I think guys will also enjoy it.