Rabu, Februari 22, 2017

not an existentialist! (at least currently)

Sartre said that hell is other people. But I have to disagree. Even tough being in constant compromise with others is exhausting as hell, for me the alternative is much more hellish. That are: taking responsibility for yourself, being decisive and commit to your own action, and not succumbing yourself to procrastination... well in my experience this kind of life principal is much-much more painful. So I have to say I may not an existentialist at all. But I feel the necessity to learn to be one.
In this era of competitiveness and whatnot, I might in the end be totally disappointed at myself. It's funny to find that I even procrastinate to find an effective way to overcome my habit of procrastinating. Eh, should I call it a "meta-procrastination?"
Yeah, I need to finish that one project I've been hold up for more than a week, now. And I need to finish read that Danto's book, so I can maintain my dignity as a sef-proclaimed intellect heheh.. Finaggling to my own pitiful life, I've been trying to find solace in cases such as Douglas Adams' chronic procrastinating habit. But I have to realize, Adams might just lucky to avoid the deathly consequences of this bad habit. He might be a nobody without his luck. But the sad truth is, somebody WILL be a NOBODY should he/she can't find no vaccine for this procrastination virus. Yeah I should have stopped this yammering already...

Senin, Februari 13, 2017

Oh That Machiavellian TV Show...

Just finished binge-watch House of Cards season 4, and wow, I just need to write something down! I still couldn't really fathom some of the intricate plot involving american political dynamics and whatnot. On second viewing and with google by my side I'll sure be able to grasp the whole narrative just like the seasons before this one; but gosh, it really hit me to the core.
Just yesterday I watched so many "School of Life"s videos, and now this... it's like peering to the convoluted wonder of human psyche. The Underwood couple is a perfect, ruthless pragmatists;which in the era of "anything goes" such as today, served as a fresh alternatives to a rather formulaic-boring protagonists in tv shows. Well not just tv I guessed, all narration must have been a bit shifty nowadays; changing direction from choosing a morally-accountable characters to a myriad possibilities of how human behaviours could be.
I need to wake up early in the morning, but feel the need to write something off  here. So I guessed I'll edited this post later when I have the time.