Senin, Januari 12, 2015

intoxicated in Tolkien's universe

In a full amazement of how Tolkien could fabricate the intricate and complicated world of middle earth. Not just a narration of some plots or a fabrication of few characters; but the whole damn universe, along with the mythology, history, language, custom, and the geography! I can't even imagine how much time and energy could he spent on building this realm. Even those religious scripts out there couldn't outmatched this masterpiece...

Automatic for the People

Everybody has got to be changing their taste in music every period or so, or at least listened to different bands or musicians with different musical inclinations. But everyone (or maybe almost everyone) also has one or more musician that always linger as their beloved, no matter how long ago the first time they listened to the said musician. In my case, the only band that has always been succeeded in assuring me that their music are the music of my life is R.E.M. I've been a die hard Sting's fan during my teenage times, and I even was a smooth-jazz enthusiast during the time. But along the way I grew up to listened to another type of music and bands, but R.E.M. has been my teenage crush, my twenty something's audio companion while working, my constant partner during the anxious period of my life, and even now they still manage to convinced me to fell in love with them over and over again.
The main reason of this journal entry, was my encounter with the song "sweetness follows" after so many years I haven't listened to "Automatic for the People" anymore. And now after more experiences listening to many kinds of music and bands, and after personal experiences which indirectly involving music (yeah I mean you go through the hardships of life accompanied by music too, right?), I find this album mesmerizing. Umm I'm not sure if "mesmerizing" is the right term to describes it, but yeah I kinda see the album in a more passionate manner.
My first crush with R.E.M. was "New Adventure in Hi-Fi". And during the time, my English was so bad, I only manage to catch a few phrases, which quenches my appetite of anxious driven lyrics (such as "Bittersweet Me" or "new test Leper"). Then came "Reveal" and "UP"... People can say whatever they want about these albums, but to me, the nonsensical lyrics; the slow and contemplative rhythm; and the overall atmosphere filled with anxiety of both albums, has been a very loyal companion on my contemplative-youth period, and even for that reason only, I put both albums (especially Reveal), as two of my most favorite out of REM's discography.
I listened to their earlier musics, such as Documents and Reckoning, and as s a musical dummy I didn't really relates to them. But I guessed the cerebral part of me couldn't ignore how critics adore the albums, so, emotionally-detached, I came to an understanding of how these two albums deserved a high recognition. But yeah, after I re-enjoyed Automatic for the People, I kinda understand REM much better. And personally and objectively, I found that this one has garnered the first rank on my version of "REM's best album".

Minggu, Januari 04, 2015

Oh me and the bluest color of my collar ;)

Have a little chat with my best friend on Christmas-day. It continued with a grand planning to make an art program through a whatsapp's discussion yesterday. It is exhilarating for sure, especially remembering the last three months of my activity was revolved around a very timid-routinely job. But (I gotta say, it's a big "but" indeed) being in a blue collar job somehow leisured me in so many ways. And to compare the things I've gone through for about 4 years back, my current job seems a bit more blue collar-y than my encounter a few years a go. I mean, I've been doing lots and lots of illustration work for years. Both working with clients as an independent illustrator, or working in an office environment (such as today), but nowadays, I've found a new taste to the job.
If I wanna put my point of view, say in a social-culturally kind of research, I'll say this job gives you a bunch more of materials to be observed. Not that I see my co-workers as mere analysis materials, I only find that there are interesting dynamics which is familiar as well as alien in this environment. And in a way it represent the major dynamics in our society, so I somehow found myself as a part of something which is usual. I'm part of the normative society, in which, at the same time I can be the observer as well as the participating component.
I've seen different personas, up-close and personal. Mingle with them--somewhat intimately (as intimate as a coworkers went)--and learn their dreams and goals, and event their penchant to self-help books. It is the majorities, and from this very point of view is very much interesting. In humorous manner, I find myself as a cameraman of that american comedy show: "The Office". At first, I see this blue-collar job of mine as a meditative action after the emotional crash I experienced a few months prior. But heck, now I finds it as a very interesting "sport" :D.
My friend plans out this thing for me--an art event of someshort--and I think to make this office-thingy as a research material would be the awesomest idea! :D
Me: paints my collar as bluest as it can be. Enjoying the routine and the assurance of being okay at the end of each months... Yeah this is how most of homo sapiens in this planet functions and feels :D