Sabtu, Oktober 29, 2016

Charles Bukowski (1920 - 1994)

don't forget
there is always somebody or something
waiting for you,
something stronger, more intelligent,
more evil, more kind, more durable,
something bigger, something better,
something worse, something with
eyes like the tiger, jaws like the shark,
something crazier than crazy,
saner than sane,
there is always something or somebody
waiting for you
as you put on your shoes
or as you sleep
or as you empty a garbage can
or pet your cat
or brush your teeth
or celebrate a holiday
there is always somebody or something
waiting for you.

keep this fully in mind
so that when it happens
you will be as ready as possible.

meanwhile, a good day to
if you are still there.
I think that I am---
I just burnt my fingers on

Senin, Oktober 24, 2016

untitled #4

I’d like to learn
To be poetic like you…
To feel, to taste, to vent, to escape
To be beautiful and young…
In the feebleness of other’s departure, you came...
Don’t you know?

I’d like to know you more

Jumat, Oktober 21, 2016

Taking refuge in a funny-ironic comic XD

To be honest, this is the main reason I don't do any social media anymore XD... I am indeed an envious little biatch :3

Senin, Oktober 03, 2016

Untitled #3

Pushing through the funk... -_-

Sabtu, Oktober 01, 2016

Untitled #2

Aaand now, I hereby declare a break from nihilistic atmosphere from Palahniuk's works XD.
I actually received two Palahniuk's books as a birthday gifts, but drenching yourself in their nihilistic agenda is not a wise thing to do. So those book shall wait for a while. Although I still get that feeling of addiction toward the blackish-comedy of his works, but it gets into your daily life sometimes. I mean every materials you read, or watch, or heard, will affected your life somehow. So reading a negativity-induced novel in a row will do your life no good :D
Currently reading on "On Criticism" by Noel Carrolll--a very sharp opinionated book in the area of critics, although focusing more in art critics--but since I left the copy back at my boss' place, as a substitute, I idly took out one of my old Dawkins' book out of the shelf. It's titled "The Greatest Show on Earth". Been reading this since 2011, and I don't think I've ever manage to finished  it. Read it from the very beginning, starting off  with the preface; and it somehow reminds me of his writing style which is a little bit snobbish. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind him being snobbish at all, it even amuses me, remembering his hard agenda to take down creationism. Being overtly intellectual (in style) in his book brings a few notes for us who are sympathetic for his cause; it's like an ironic gesture from his part to highlight how foolish his opponent has been.
But apart from this funny aspect of the book, well it's a fun material to read, and it's an encyclopedic ride all along. And I just realized, my English skill must has been improving, because I read this copy much more pleasing; better than 5 years a go...