Kamis, Juni 18, 2015

gaga waga nomer sekian

Blargh..it's been a while since my last post. Yeah I guess I'm writing my journal haphazardly, but what the heck, this is my blog, I'll write whenever and whatever I feel like writing about (dear mr smith I hope you're no longer sniffling through my stuff down here anymore :D)
This post falls to the category of pure gaga waga, cause I feel like writing something, but not in an optimum condition of having a deep thinking.
So, a while back, my niece send me a song, who she thought describes me perfectly. The song was a teenage-ish kind of song.  Upbeat, cheerful rhyme, and a very american-idolish vocal. The song "Keep your Head Up" was about the story of the singer, who struggles through his daily life, working hard and gaining bread-crumbed income to merely survive. It was endearing really, if my niece see me that way: a person who struggles with life. But on the other hand, the song made me realized, it's been more than a a decade since I left college.. erm let me phrase it again: it's been more than a decade since I dropped out of college. Yet, I'm still a nobody, wasting time to merely survive.
Being an anti-hero might be cool. But being aware of your pathetic-ness is totally a different thing. I almost fed up of making excuses for postponing working just a little bit harder. I even often frustrated with my self, when many times finding myself surrounded by underlings with lots of accomplishments. Being sulky won't take you anywhere, I know. But I just need to write this down, in hoping to find a working formula for this circular problems.Yeah..