Minggu, Maret 19, 2017

In the event of watching the remake of "Beauty and the Beast"

So, went to the movie alone yesterday. A coworker (I suspect) slightly mocked the pathetic reality of me being single--hence went to the movie alone. I would defensively told her a lengthy lecture about being an independent female-- which I did not, given her cultural background and knowledge won't sufficient enough to bring the advantage of the lecture to her life (modest much, dear?)--so yeah I didn't do it.. but putting the incident aside, I was disappointed that the movie (the remake of Beauty and The Beast) didn't meet my expectation.
I loved Disney since I was kid. I practically learn my moral values from Disney's 90s masterpieces such as Aladdin, Pocahontas, Mulan, etc. When I saw the 2017 Beauty and the Beast was just a perfectly life-action copy of the 1991 animation, can't help but feel a bit disappointed. I mean, the 2015 Cinderellla was tweaked so proficiently, it brings a rather cliche fairy tale into a graceful-realistic narration.
Character-wise, the clever Belle is of course much more preferable to a passive-meekly Cinderella, but in the matter of story telling and how the movie executed, Cinderella was much more satisfying. Not to mention I can't feel Emma Watson bring the Belle we all loved from the 1991 animation into the reality of live-action cinema. I never been a fan to Emma Watson, but I also never consider her to be a bad actress; but this time I don't  think she did a very good job.
There were many holes in the narrative to make the movie seems intact and solid. But there were also many moments executed perfectly, it actually serve as a tearjerker for the audience.  Still, altogether, I don't see it as a solid movie worthy to be re-watched.  But I think it is inevitable, bearing in mind that Cinderella was directed by Kenneth Branagh, a veteran in the world of theater, while the director of Beauty and the Beast was one of them who directed one of the Twilight series. Yeah..
So far, of all the live-action remake of classic disney, I'd rank The Jungle Book as the champion, followed by Cinderella, then Beauty and the Beast and Maleficent, both at third place. I haven't really watch the last two movies intensely, so couldn't really put both of them at a different level.

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